you owe it to yourself

I think you owe it to yourself to stop worrying so much. About the bills you have to pay, about what people have to say about you, and about when you’re going fall in love. It’s great to have goals and to want to put your best foot forward, but I don’t think we ever... Continue Reading →

this one’s about healing.

My darling,  You’re going to want to forget. A lot of things, actually. Like all of the moments you were besides yourself with jealousy and anger. You’ll want to forget the nights anxiety kept you awake, wondering where they were, what they were doing, and who they were with. You’ll want to forget the times... Continue Reading →

i hope this reaches you one day

I know it’s been tough. Not knowing what comes next. And I’m writing this to tell you I’ve been struggling with it, too. I understand that it feels like you’re traveling in five different directions, but are unsure if any of them are the right one.  I know what it feels like to hit the... Continue Reading →

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